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Dogbite Organisers Hail Result 'Value For Money'

Dogbite Organisers Hail Result 'Value For Money'

What: Dogbite 99
Where: Maitland Showground

DOGBITE 99 looks like costing Maitland City Council just less than $10,000 to stage but organisers have hailed the result as good value for the money.

The music festival's publicist, MARK HUGHES, said a 90-minute program on pay television program CHANNEL V would be broadcast during May.

Television in the Northern Rivers broadcast area and street press from Sydney to Canberra had carried news and advertising about the festival.

'Every aspect was positive apart from the crowd numbers,' Hughes said.

TRIPLE J legal commentator and entertainment lawyer OWEN TREMBATH has also given the festival big wraps.

Trembath, who was present on the day, sent a press release out congratulating underwriters MAITLAND CITY COUNCIL on a festival which was 'as good an event as the BIG DAY OUT'. 'It was well produced - so well that it ran exactly on time,' he said.

'There was plenty to do, it was safe, fun and well priced.'

The only criticisms Trembath had were minor ones. One that security was 'too visible' and the poor numbers of adult crowd members.

'Many may have thought the event was only for teenagers,' he said.

'It wasn't . . . top off with a bigger name on next year's bill and it will be even better.'

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