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Qwake in Spectacle

Qwake in Spectacle

Who: Qwake

WITH Newcastle's SILVERCHAIR last month announcing sales of 500,000 copies of NEON BALLROOM worldwide, another entirely different Newcastle group is outselling THE OFFSPRING here in the same hometown.

For the entire month of February Newcastle's QWAKE sold more copies of its debut single ALL MY LIFE at SOUNDWORLD than the single PRETTY FLY FOR A WHITE GUY. The achievement is due in no small part to the support of Austereo's 106.9 NX-FM which has been flogging the pop song written by Qwake frontman SCOTT THOMAS. SOUNDWORLD sales manager PETER DAVIAS said 'high rotation' play of the song had created 'a huge fanbase for Qwake'.

Another song on the CD THOUSAND WORDS is now beginning to receive airplay. All up the CD has been played on stations in Hobart, Adelaide, Sydney and some United States college stations.

This week Qwake announced tickets for a June concert at the Newcastle Workers Club would go on sale, in a co-presentation with the radio station.

The concert in THE METRO on Friday, June 4, will be an all-ages show and in a style typical of Thomas's nothing-by-halves style the show should prove to be a spectacle.

Timpanis, a grand piano and the NEWCASTLE GRAMMAR SCHOOL CHOIR have all been mentioned as elements of what should be a very elaborate show. TE

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