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Timeline - Gigs From Thursday October 4, 2001

Albion Hotel    Tk's Karaoke
Beachcomber Hotel    Seattle Sound
Clubhouse Hotel    DJ CDB
Commercial Hotel Boolaroo    Ray Waite's Karaoke
Delany Hotel    Milton and Howard, Bluefish
Dora Creek Workers Club    Phil Crawshaw
Ducks Nuts Hotel    Jarr'd
Duke of Wellington    Mick Snape
Grand Junction Hotel    Crimson Tide
Hamilton Station Hotel    Ray Waite's Karaoke
Hunter on Hunter    Artificial Intelligence C-Dog, Phonetic Xperiments, Juvarn, Pom, Mathematics, Tome Jones, Bred, MC Flow
Kent Hotel    Karaoke
Lass O' Gowrie    Travellin' Alcho's
Mayfield Ex Services Club    Talk Of The Town Duo
Mayfield Hotel    You're The Voice Karaoke
Mercury Hotel (Heat)    Kato, Auxillary
QWB - Queens Wharf Brewery    Zane Penn
SJ's on Beaumont    Supaslide, Supersonic
The Castle Tavern    Bender, Darren Conway, Untamed
The Dungeon    Saxanova
The Palais    One Dollar Short, Seraph's Coal, Creeping Jesus, Draw The Line
The Valley Brewery    Jimmy B's Karaoke
Western Suburbs Leagues Club    Vince Martinelli
Wickham Park Hotel    Acoustic Jam Session

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