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Ember Glows Down Under

Ember Glows Down Under

Who: Ember Swift
Where: Gateway Hotel
When: Thursday January 12, 2006

CANADIAN musician Ember Swift has made a habit of returning to Australian on a yearly basis.

Swift, who first toured here in 2001, has returned to our shores again for what marks her seventh trip and this time she is promoting her first DVD, Witness: Live In Australia. Travelling to Australia with Swift is fellow bandmate Lyndell Montgomery. ``We were first invited to a couple of festivals and we thought that if we were going to go there we might as well organise a few shows,'' Swift said.

``We stayed for seven-and-a-half weeks that year, we were invited into people's homes, we never stayed in a hotel once. It was lovely. People were so gracious, and kind and welcoming.

``So we decided we should go back the following year and it's been a yearly event ever since.'' Making new friends along the way has proved fruitful for Swift who has found plenty of places to stay while on tour and artists to collaborate with.

One of those is Northern NSW-based artists Aurora Jane who shares a common musical bond with Swift.

``I came a little bit early before the tour began so we could do some studio work with Aurora Jane on her album and then she will also be doing stage work with us during our tour.

``So we're here for some socialising and rehearsing.

``We made friends with her in Australia and she came to Canada back in August and we're looking forward to working with her.

``She'll be doing some guitar work and backing vocals. ``We're looking to the collaboration.'' Swift, whose music speaks boldly about issues ranging from globalisation and consumer awareness to food politics and feminism, has also been working on a new record.

It will follow on from her latest album Disarming but won't be released until later in the year.

But fans are likely to hear new work when Swift plays at the Gateway Hotel tomorrow night.

``We make it a habit of launching the songs live before the records are available. I know it drives people crazy sometimes because they really like it, but they can't buy it,'' Swift laughed.

``But it gives us a chance to try out new material.

``You can feel when a song is connecting with people and when it's not.

``When it doesn't work, that's when I usually go back to the drawing board.

So the live shows are really important to me when I'm songwriting.'' Tickets are available at the venue or online at bigtix.com.au.

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