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Cadd Comes Back With  Quiet Rustle

Cadd Comes Back With Quiet Rustle

Who: Brian Cadd
Where: Cardiff Panthers
When: Saturday February 25, 2006

IT may have taken three years to write and six months to record but Brian Cadd has finally released his long- awaited studio album Quietly Rustling. Recorded in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney using an array of musicians such as Mark Meyer, Tony Naylor, Wilbur Wilde and Ross Hannaford, it is a modern twist on what Cadd has done so well for the past four decades.

It is the first studio recording from Cadd in 20 years.

``Yes, it's an amazing thing to say,'' Cadd said of the 20-year gap.

``It puts one's life into perspective a bit. I've done a couple of live ones and a couple of compilations, all the usual suspects, but this is the first time where I've gone into a studio with a bunch of brand new songs and recorded them completely and it's a great feeling.'' Cadd first tasted success in the '60s when he formed R'n'B outfit Groop and developed his talent as a songwriter.

He then left to form Axiom, which stayed in Australia only long enough to record an album before trying their luck in the UK.

After a two-year attempt to gain attention, Axiom split and Cadd returned to Australia and worked closely alongside Russell Morris. He appeared on Morris's biggest hit, The Real Thing, and also performed backing vocals on Morris's Bloodstone album.

Cadd began to focus on his own music career in 1971 and wrote three solo tracks for the soundtrack to the surf movie Morning of The Earth. His solo career took off with the release of the single Ginger Man in October, 1972.

A successful touring career saw Cadd become one of Australia's most popular artists and all of his albums climbed into the top 10.

As well as penning his own hits, he earned a reputation as a talented songwriter by writing for the likes of Joe Cocker, Ringo Starr, Cilla Black and Bonnie Tyler. He achieved recognition as a songwriter rather than for his own recordings and after six years in Nashville Cadd began to make regular trips back to Australia to perform.

He is still rocking his way around the country, armed with a new band and fresh new sound.

Cadd will put his unmistakable stamp on a whole new set of songs and the hits his fans have grown to know and love when he performs at Cardiff Panthers on Saturday night. Tickets for $20 are available at the club.

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