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Weirdos Have Scary Talent For  Reat Laughs

Weirdos Have Scary Talent For Reat Laughs

Who: Scared Weird Little Guys
Where: Western Suburbs Leagues Club
When: Wednesday September 28, 2005

COMEDY favourites The Scared Weird Little Guys are set to return to Newcastle this month for a series of shows.

Comprising John Chaplin- Fleming and Rusty Berther, the two-part harmony and comedy outfit will perform at West Leagues Club on Wednesday, September 28, Maitland City Bowling Club on Friday, September 30, and Belmont 16ft Sailing Club on Saturday, October 1.

The Scared Weird Little Guys promise plenty of laughs as they take traditional songs, write witty word changes and perform them in different musical genres.

Their Eminem -style take on Waltzing Matilda has become a crowd favourite.

Since forming 15 years ago, the duo has performed more than 3000 shows in several countries.

Music always came first for Bachelor of Science and pharmacology graduate Chaplin- Fleming, who at six played the cornet for the first time at show- and-tell.

He was a church choir boy soprano for seven years before his voice broke, after which he became a tenor.

Over time he tried his hand at other instruments and learned to play trumpet, mandolin and guitar.

Berther also became skilled on guitar as a teen before moving to the bass, banjo, ukulele and whistle-pop.

Above all, both loved to sing and after stints with a capella and barbershop quartets, where they had met, they decided in 1990 to do their own thing.

Tickets to The Scared Weird Little Guys are on sale now and bookings can be made at the venues.

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