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Group's Talent To The Fore

Group's Talent To The Fore

Who: FourPlay
What: Newcastle Livesites
Where: Harbour Square
When: Sunday September 18, 2005

NEWCASTLE Live Sites continues its Hand Full of Strings program this weekend.

Headlining the concert is acclaimed string quartet FourPlay, which will perform at Harbour Square on Sunday afternoon.

In the 10 years since it formed, FourPlay has earned itself a reputation as one of the most eclectic strings acts in the country.

FourPlay's repertoire includes arrangements of songs by diverse artists such as the Beastie Boys, Radiohead, Nina Simone, Jeff Buckley, Depeche Mode and Metallica. They also throw in a dash of contemporary classical music as well as their own originals. inspired by dub, klezmer, electronic, post-rock, improv and avant-garde music. ``We've always love different styles of music,'' violinist and vocalist Lara Goodridge said.``The concept is so amazingly different that people get very excited.''In fact, Goodridge said it is not uncommon for audiences to start moshing at shows. The recent addition of ``stunt violinist'' Shenzo Gregorio has proved even more exciting for the group and audiences.

Gregorio, who also plays in gypsy band Monsieur Camembert, was invited to join the group last year.

According to violinist and vocalist Lara Goodridge, the members of FourPlay were eager to bring him on board after hearing of his talents, which included rollerblading while playing his instrument. ``He's quite kooky but he's a really wonderful, very refined player. A fantastic improviser and he's really creative guy so we're thrilled to have him,'' Goodridge said. ``I thought because we're a bit different, I was trying to think of someone who was a little out there so I suggested him,'' Goodridge said.

FourPlay will perform from noon to 3pm. Entry is free. Visit livesites.org.au

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