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Lounge Finds The Right Fabric

Lounge Finds The Right Fabric

Who: Modular Lounge
Where: Gateway Hotel
When: Saturday November 5, 2005

FORGING a serious music career was never on the agenda for Sydney band Modular Lounge. ``If you had asked us five years ago what we thought we would be doing in 2005, I don't think any of us would have replied, `playing in a rock band','' guitarist/vocalist Greer Turner said.

``Getting a band together just started out as a fun idea.'' Turner took her fun idea and ran with it in late 1999 with her sister Sophie.

Together the pair wrote songs on their guitars.

A few months later things became more serious when bassist Lyndal Hutchison joined and the trio decided it was time to recruit a drummer.

After advertising and holding auditions, a male drummer seemed the best candidate for the job.

Having a male not only mixed things up but also stopped them from being labelled an all-girl band.

The quartet performed under the name Frenzic and began playing regular gigs before their drummer decided to leave.

``We really had to decide whether we seriously wanted to do this band thing,'' Turner said.

``It was starting to take up more of our time but we were so close to getting out there and performing that we couldn't give up. We just needed to find the right drummer.'' That's when Kirsten Riley came along.

``It was a real coincidence.

Greer and I were out having drinks one night and we somehow met Kirsten,'' Sophie said.

``I was telling her about the band and how we were looking for a drummer; it just so happened that she was the drummer we had been looking for.'' Changing their name to Modular Lounge, after a song Sophie had written, the band has been making a name for itself on the indie pop-rock scene.

Modular Lounge play the Gateway Hotel on Saturday night.

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