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Us Recording A Stargazing Experience

Us Recording A Stargazing Experience

Who: Fruit
Where: Gateway Hotel
When: Wednesday May 18, 2005

IT'S easy to understand why Susie Keynes became a little starstruck while recording with her band Fruit at a studio in Philadelphia last year.

While recording their latest album, Burn , with Grammy-nominated producer David Ivory, it wasn't uncommon for some big names to pop into the studio for a visit.

Among those were soul singer Patti la Belle and a host of well-known session musicians.

``To meet artists like Patti la Belle and have them comment on what you're doing, it's amazing,'' Keynes said.

``Working with David and then meeting a lot of his colleagues and having musician friends of his wander into the studio and have a jam with you, that inspired us as musicians.

``We got to sit down in the studio with some impressive musicians. I felt very privileged to do it. When you mix with musicians with such a big, fat history, it just makes you a richer person.'' Fruit decided to work with Ivory after an engineer they had been working with in the US told them he thought they would work well together.

It took three years for Fruit to meet with Ivory but it was the start of something special for both parties.

``This engineer friend of ours thought we'd get on well and dig each other's music and he was right,'' Keynes said.

``When we learnt more about David, we discovered he had worked with Erika Badyu and Jill Scott and had a Grammy nomination for an album he did with The Roots.

``We'd love to work with him again, only this time set up a studio by the sea in Australia and show him a bit of our country.'' Burn was released last month and is being backed with a three-week tour which will cover most parts of the country before Keynes and fellow members Mel Watson and Sam Lohs head off to tour the US.

Since forming in Adelaide almost a decade ago, Fruit has enjoyed huge success in the US and become a favourite on the country's festival circuit; all the while remaining an independent act.

``We began to get great opportunities in America about five years so we've just kept building it,'' Keynes said.

``We don't have any qualms with the fact we're not at home in Australia as much, except for the fact that it's great to come home with an excellent album and play more in Australia.'' Fruit will perform at the Gateway Hotel tonight. Tickets cost $15 pre- sale at the venue and are also available online at www.bigtix.com.au

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