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Flamenco Spice And High Energy

Flamenco Spice And High Energy

Who: The Flamenco Crew
Where: Honeysuckle Markets Restaurant
When: Saturday March 12, 2005

HONEYSUCKLE Markets Restaurant will be spiced up with the sounds of the acclaimed Flamenco Crew during two shows this weekend.

The Sydney-based troupe, which features the talent of Novocastrian flamenco guitarist Damian Wright, combines contemporary flamenco music and dance in a high-energy show.

The Flamenco Crew was formed in Sydney in 1998 by Elena and Robbie Varga and Veronica Gillmer to launch a new series of flamenco projects combining a contemporary approach to flamenco with a return to its most fundamental roots.

Wright, who developed a love of world music from his father, joined the Flamenco Crew after returning from Spain in 2003 after spending four years studying flamenco guitar.

Since returning to Australia, Wright has performed with numerous dance groups and composes much of the music for his performances with the Flamenco Crew. Wright will be joined by a violinist, percussionist, vocalist and two dancers when The Flamenco Crew play in Newcastle this weekend.

He said he looked forward to performing at home.

``I'm excited (about the show) because it's something I would have loved to have seen in Newcastle when I was younger,'' Wright said.

Since its formation, The Flamenco Crew has developed a range of shows which have included collaborations with Indian percussionists and contemporary floorshows using improvisations of saxophone and guitar.

The Flamenco Crew will appear at Honeysuckle Markets Restaurant on Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 7pm respectively.

Wright said the group planned to make its international debut early next year with performances in Hong Kong.

Tickets cost $30 or $25 for concession and bookings can be made on 1300 306 776.

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