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Riding High On Love Of Country

Riding High On Love Of Country

Who: Karen O'Shea
Where: Gallipoli Legion Club
When: Saturday April 2, 2005

BELLA member Karen O'Shea will take time out from the award-winning trio for a solo show at Gardens Sports Club on Saturday night.

O'Shea has been riding high with fellow Bella members Kate Ballan tyne and Lyn Bowtell following the release of their debut album Gravity. But success is nothing new for O'Shea, who has been mesmerising audiences with her vocal talents from a young age.

She began working professionally in her home town Darwin after leaving school when she formed her first group The Sublimes. It was not long before she decided to relocate to Sydney where she worked with original bands Sydney Sound Machine and The Temple of Groove. Over the years she played many memorable shows.

She toured as a backing vocalist with Richard Clapton and received an invitation as a member of duo Cat In The Hat to perform in Brunei.

But it is her love of country music that has taken up most of her time recently.

of late O'Shea is a regular performer at the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

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