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Disarming Swift Duo Hit It Off Musically

Disarming Swift Duo Hit It Off Musically

Who: Ember Swift
Where: Morrow Park Bowling Club
When: Thursday March 17, 2005

NO matter where Ember Swift goes, long-time musical collaborator Lyndell Montgomery is never too far behind.

The violinist first began performing with one-time soloist Swift after the pair met in 1996 and went on to form a close friendship and musical partnership.

But the pair didn't always share common ground.

``We met in Toronto. She came to one of my gigs and we started talking,'' Swift said.

``She didn't like my music at all at first and I was like, `Fine.

Whatever. You go do what you wanna do and I'll do what I wanna do'. I wasn't offended.

``But she said she liked one of the songs and we started talking and just hit it off musically.

``She started out as just an accompanist but now she's really integral to what I'm doing as a songwriter.'' Swift and Montgomery are back on Australian turf this month for what will be their sixth tour.

They closed their last tour of the country in January last year with a gig at the Howlfest music festival in Newcastle and Swift said she looked forward to returning to the city.

Catch the pair live at Salarium at Morrow Park Bowling Club tomorrow night.

Swift said they would definitely continue to visit Australia. it wasn't a case of if but when they would return to Australia again.`` ``We've done pretty well here,'' Swift said.

``We're still an independent band and, you know, we don't have any mainstream backing or anything but we've done well enough and we really love it here, so why not come back?'' The tour coincides with the Australian release of Swift's latest album, Disarming, which delivers more of her politically-charged songs led by a mix of acoustics guitars, jazz and violin which she has made her signature.

It includes a track titled Elle est la which is Swift's first French- language composition.

Tickets to tomorrow night's gig are available at Beaumont Street Beat or at the door on the night.

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