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Band Obsessed With Getting Down To Basics

Band Obsessed With Getting Down To Basics

Who: The Basics
Where: Delany Hotel
When: Wednesday July 6, 2005

MELBOURNE three-piece The Basics has embarked on its biggest tour to date.

It will stay on the road for the next two months, performing 34 gigs across the country in support of the release of its new EP, For Girls LIke You. The Basics have been performing around Australia for three years, having completed about 500 shows.

For Girls Like You will be launched at the Delany Hotel on Wednesday, July 6.

The album allowed members Wally de Backer, Kris Schroeder and Tim Heath to fuse their popular vocal-driven songs with the recording equipment and techniques of the '50s and '60s.

``It's really a matter of matching the style of song with the style of recording,'' guitarist Heath said.

``The intricacies of electronic music suit the capabilities of digital recording while our rock'n'roll lives through the warmth of a more organic set-up.'' Recorded straight to two-track tape using near-antique ribbon microphones from the BBC, For Girls Like You was made with the help of some of Britain's best.

Peter Cobbin, who has worked with U2 and on The Beatles Anthology, mixed the album.

Steve Rooke, who has worked with Franz Ferdinand and The Streets, mastered it at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London.

``It just made sense to send it to people we knew would understand what we were trying to do.

``Steve and Peter were both involved in the last 10 years' worth of Beatles projects and, as such, had the ears for making sense of what we'd recorded.'' The four new tracks, Second Best, For Girls Like You, Money (Gimme, Gimme) and Yeah, Yeah, represented a moodier approach to The Basics' sound, which Heath said reflected a new maturity.

``It's a record of the issues I think everyone has, is or will face, particularly from a young person's perspective,'' Heath said.

``You know, getting paid, dealing with self-doubt, working through the complications of love and lust.

``It's the type of stuff I need to hear when I'm trying to get by.''

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