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Deb `knows Way' To The Other Side

Deb `knows Way' To The Other Side

Who: Deb Webber
Where: Hexham Bowling Club
When: Saturday June 25, 2005

AUSTRALIAN medium and psychic Deb Webber, who says she has been communicating with the spirit world for over 30 years, is on her way to the Hunter Region.

Webber has recently featured in the latest series of Sensing Murder and gained widespread recognition through her role.

Those who are not familiar with Webber from her role on Sensing Murder may recognise her from her appearances late last year on Good Morning Australia and Sunrise. She had an extraordinary encounter with Rhett Hutchence, the brother of late INXS star Michael Hutchence. Hutchence was grateful for the experience and remarked: ``The words and phrases that Deb used were Michael's and it was definitely his humour.'' Webber has also been touring and doing live shows, similar in format to American medium John Edward's Crossing Over. She will this week appear at Hexham Bowling Club on Saturday and Cessnock Rugby League Supporters Club on Sunday.

Webber claims her shows allow her to prove that there is life after death.

``We raise the vibrations of people that are there and it can relieve people, too, knowing that it's not scary, not daunting,'' Webber claims.

``For others, there's the opportunity to grieve, to let go and to receive guidance. But we also have a lot of fun. ``People need a little bit of direction when the world is so difficult and I can give people inspiration.'' Born in Melbourne, Webber says she began communicating with spirits from a young age.

Before her work on television, Webber previously nursed at more than 25 hospitals where she apparently shocked people by communicating with deceased residents.

But it was an appearance on A Current Affair in 2003 that propelled her into the spotlight.

Her show at Hexham starts at 8pm and bookings can be made on 4964 8079 while the Cessnock show starts at 7pm and tickets are available by calling 4990 5655.

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