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Bewitching Evening Of Entertainment

Bewitching Evening Of Entertainment

Who: Fiona Horne
What: One Enchanted Evening Tour
Where: Gateway Hotel
When: Saturday July 30, 2005

AUSTRALIA'S self proclaimed white witch, Fiona Horne, will weave her magic in Newcastle this weekend as part of the One Enchanted Evening Tour. For the past three years Horne has been holed up in Los Angeles where she has been trying to make a name for herself in the US.

She has found work on film and television while continuing to practise witchcraft.

Horne returned to Australia this month with her tour which blends stories, spells and magic into one show.

It began in Victoria and has taken Horne up and down the coast, coming to an end in Newcastle at the Gateway Hotel on Saturday night.

Horne will dispel the myths and explain how real magic can work with her vast knowledge on witchcraft.

Last year, Horne toured extensively across the US, speaking at in New York, Los Angeles and San Diego as well as appearing on national television and radio shows.

Her new-found fame overseas comes years after Horne first made a name for herself at home in Australia.

Originally fronting dance- rock outfit Def FX in the early '90s, Horne went on to become an accomplished author, releasing seven books about witchcraft including the best seller, Witch-A Personal Journey. Her latest book, The Coven: Making Music Together, has just been published.

Tickets the the One Enchanted Evening Tour are on sale at the venue or online at www.bigtix.com.au

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