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American Genre Spliced With Sounds Of France

American Genre Spliced With Sounds Of France

Who: Java
Where: Morrow Park Bowling Club
When: Thursday January 6, 2005

RAP music is not a style usually associated with French artists.

But JAVA has taken the traditionally American genre and mixed it with the sounds of France, delivering a hybrid that is eclectic and unpredictable.

Java was founded in the mid-`90s by rap and reggae fan ERWAN SEGUILLON and multi-instrumentalist and classically trained musician FRANCOIS XAVIER BOSSARD, aka FIXI. The men began performing together, rediscovering their Parisian roots, with Fixi mastering the art of the accordion and using modern techniques such as programming and sampling.

Java first appeared in Australia on the compilation album France released by PETROL RECORDS in 2002 and the track Sese, Accordeon et Alcool scored high rotation on TRIPLE J. The five-piece recently embarked on its first tour of Australia to support the release of the new album, Safari Croisiere , and will perform in Newcastle at SALARIUM SPACE tomorrow night.

Punters should expect a high- energy performance from the group which will serve up a mix of hip-hop, Brazilian Samba, reggae, rock, jazz and electro with plenty of manic humour. Tickets will be available at the door.

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