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Singer Weaves His Tales About Life's Darker Side

Singer Weaves His Tales About Life's Darker Side

Who: Ben Weaver, The Waifs
Where: Civic Theatre
When: Friday January 14, 2005

IN the space of just four albums, THE music industry has left a sour taste in BEN WEAVER 's mouth in the space of just four albums.

has already developed a sour taste for the music industry. Fed up with many of the darker aspects of the business, Weaver has vowed to ``tour his arse off'' and remain as independent as possible.

He has teamed with one of Australia's biggest independent success stories, folk outfit THE WAIFS, for a string of dates this month and will perform with the trio at CIVIC THEATRE NEWCASTLE on Friday, January 14.

The folk singer, songwriter and guitarist was born in Eugene, Oregon.

He moved around a lot as a child before eventually settling in St Paul, Minnesota.

School was not something he enjoyed.

After a year at college, Weaver gave up his studies in favour of pursuing his passion for music.

``Music was very important to me as early on as I can remember,'' Weaver said.

``I had bigger dreams of finding my own experiences and wisdom elsewhere.'' He found inspiration when he spent four months on a sailboat with a retired federal judge.

It was during this period Weaver's creative juices really started to flow and he began writing tracks which would go on to make up the bulk of his debut album, El Camino Blues. There was no messing about when it came time to record.

Weaver, with the help of three musician friends, laid down the entire recording in just one day during a session in his mother's living room.

It wasn't long before Weaver was on the road supporting the likes of DAVE VAN RONK and FRED EAGLESMITH. ``Being on the road gave me a lot to work with in terms of writing,'' Weaver said.

``The realities of the human condition became a huge part of my subject matter.

``Stories and characters quickly turned themselves into songs and the dark side of lives with strife became a common theme in the songs.'' Weaver steadily continued to release albums, delivering the follow-up, Living in the Ground , in 2000.

The third album, Hollerin at a Woodpecker , was named one of Mojo magazine's top Americana albums of the year in 2003.

His latest album, Stories Under Nails , is out now.

Bookings to next week's show can be made by calling 4929 1977

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