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Big City Exile Find Inspiration In Angst

Big City Exile Find Inspiration In Angst

Who: Big City Exile, Kisschasy, After The Fall, Lights Out Berlin, Bright Yellow
Where: Newcastle City Hall
When: Friday December 9, 2005

WHEN Mark Forester feels angry or sad there is one thing he must do.

``I use songs to express my horror at things which would otherwise overwhelm me,'' he said.

``Things that frustrate me, infuriate me and make me despair for the human race.

``I don't do this by choice, I simply have to.'' The Big City Exile lead singer said there were too many meaningless love songs around.

``There are a million songs about `a girl' out there, or `why am I so unhappy?' and, while I don't deny that those type of songs are emotionally relevant to a good many people, I refuse to write them.

``Songs are a soapbox for self- expression, both emotional and intellectual, and that is how I use them.'' Together for almost a year, the five- piece Novocastrian act has been added to the bill of two shows.

On Friday ntsI dec 9 the band will share the Newcastle City Hall stage with Kisschasy and After The Fall for an all-ages gig that will also include local acts Lights Out Berlin and recent 1233 Music Award winners Bright Yellow .

On Friday, December 23, the band will be a part of the annual Xmas With Cubie festivities at The Bandroom, Newcastle Leagues Club, where they will perform alongside Rubix Cuba , Conation and Owenell .

Lead guitarist Sean Roche described the band's music as ``eclectic, dark-flavoured, progressive rock that you can shake your arse to''.

Roche said the band's sounds had been influenced by groups such as Bloc Party , New Order , Jeff Buckley , NOFX and Radiohead .

Tickets for the first gig are $12 pre- sale by phone on 4974 2092 or by visiting bigtix.com.au They will be $15 at the door. Tickets to the second gig are $5 before 9pm and $7 afterwards and will be available at the door.

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