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Dance Pendulum Swings

Dance Pendulum Swings

Who: Pendulum, DJs Auxilary, Kato, Quotient and Lsdj
Where: Mbar
When: Thursday December 15, 2005

IF the words of leading drum'n'bass artist Mickey Finn are anything to go by, Aussie outfit Pendulum looks set to become the next big thing on the dance scene.

Finn was recently quoted as saying Pendulum's production skills were ``second to none'' and that they ``have got to be one of the biggest things in drum'n'bass''.

``I would say they could be the 2000 version of The Prodigy,'' Finn said.

It's a big pat on the back for the trio, which has returned to Australia for a national tour after their debut album, Hold Your Colour , was released on renowned UK label Breakbeat Kaos .

Formed in Perth but now based in Britain, Pendulum (which comprises Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen and Paul Harding) struck out in 2003 with the track Vault , which caused excitement in the UK.

Back home Hold Your Colour was recently named Triple J's Album of The Week.

Despite being considered an ``underground'' genre, drum'n'bass was a sound the band was happy to take to new audiences, Swire said.

``Some people absolutely hate the fact that anyone outside their little circle would listen to their precious unheard music and we want to smash that wall down,'' Swire said.

Pendulum will play at Newcastle's MBar tomorrow night with DJs Auxilary, Kato, Quotient and Lsdj. Tickets will be $10 at the door.

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