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Cold Chisel Talent Back In Rock Mode

Cold Chisel Talent Back In Rock Mode

Who: Ian Moss
Where: Cardiff Panthers
When: Saturday October 1, 2005

ONE of the talents that made Cold Chisel so successful is coming to Newcastle.

Ian Moss , the former guitarist and songwriter from Cold Chisel, has been playing for more than 20 years as a solo artist or in a band.

Moss, although a guitarist for most of his Cold Chisel career, did some song writing too.

The most famous of Cold Chisel's songs that he wrote were Never Before and Bow River .

After five years of being on the sidelines of music, Moss released his debut single Tucker's Daughter in January, 1989.

The song was in the top 10 for 11 weeks and hit number one on the Australian charts for two weeks. The single went gold after 15 weeks and sold more than 73,000 copies.

The second single, Telephone Booth , released in June that same year, was also successful.

The single was rated in the top 10 most popular Australian songs and stayed in the top 20 for 10 weeks.

The standard for Moss was set and he did not let it down.

The debut album Matchbook , released in August that same year, entered the charts at number one and was there for three weeks.

It then remained in the top 10 for 14 weeks and has to date sold more than 185,000 copies.

In 1993 Moss toured through Germany, Austria and Switzerland with his band as special guests on the Rare Earth Tour to fantastic reviews.

In 1995 Moss changed his musical direction.

He said he went back to recording blues and rock.

In 1996, with the release of his new album Petrol Head , Moss was back with his band to rock the crowds once more.

Moss will play at Cardiff Panthers on Saturday, October 1.

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