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Original Blues  And Rock'n'roll

Original Blues And Rock'n'roll

Who: The Detonators
Where: Marquis O'Lorne Hotel
When: Saturday September 3, 2005

THE Detonators claim they are explosive performers.

But it wasn't until they brought about 30 of their Victorian friends along to a performance in outback NSW four years ago that the name rang true.

Guitarist Paul Bignal said the locals didn't appreciate the Melbourne crowd taking over the pub and decided to take matters into their own hands.

``A blue broke out and bodies were going everywhere,'' Bignal said.

``When it was finished, there were people with blood streaming down their faces and the bar was still serving them.

``It was pretty scary because the crowd were now annoyed with us. We were stuck in a corner and there was no way for us to get out.

``It was like something out of a Blues Brothers movie or a really bad Western.

``We escaped in one piece but haven't been back to that outback town since.'' Bignal described the band, that includes James Moloney (vocals, harmonica) and Dave Philpots (bass), as a group who enjoy playing original blues and rock'n'roll.

Bignal said they started the band six years ago after the band members refused to sing any more covers. ``It was a good way to start- singing covers, most bands start of like this,'' Bignal said.``But we wanted to do more and get some of our own stuff recorded.'' They had recorded four albums since forming.

Their latest was, given their name, aptly titled Bombshell .

Bignal said the album was their best work to date.

But that was not because the band were better musicians but because the album meant more. Most of the songs were written about people they had met or experiences on tour.

``One of the songs is about a man who travels from one rodeo to another, lives his life in a car and has had three ex-wives through his life,'' Bignal said.

``Most people couldn't live this type of life but he was content and happy to do so. He was definitely an interesting man, that's why I wrote a song about him.'' Bignal said the band had just finished a tour of Belgium, Holland and Germany.

``Crowds are the same everywhere in the world.

``We just finished a tour of Europe where we played at a number of festivals and private events.

``We played in front of crowds of 20,000 people and then to crowds of 80.

``You've got to approach the gig the same every time.

``A person in the crowd will listen to you and decide whether they like you.

If they like you they'll stay, if they don't they'll go.

``We got the crowd in Europe to stay, it was a successful tour.'' The Detonators will play at the Marquis O'Lorne Hotel at Lambton on Saturday September 3 .

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