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Nostalgia Blends With Electronic And Folk

Nostalgia Blends With Electronic And Folk

Who: New Buffalo, Holly Throsby
Where: Gallipoli Legion Club
When: Friday August 12, 2005

SALLY Seltmann , from New Buffalo , says her debut album The Last Beautiful Day has nostalgia, electronic sounds and folk.

The album was released last September and last week the eclectic singer/songwriter also released an EP of five songs.

The EP is a small collection of re-mixes and re-worked versions of songs from the debut album as well as two new pieces.

These include Trigger , which is an adaptation of Never Stops To Wait by Melbourne-based contemporary composer Rae Howell.

The other, Inside , is a duet with Jens Lekman of Sweden.

``My label in Japan told me that Jens really liked my album and then I was told that he was coming to Australia,'' Seltmann said.

``It was really good. I let him sing how he wanted .'' Seltmann said she had tried to get a particular feel through on the album.

``I wanted it to have a theatrical theme,'' she said. ``I kept thinking about old broken props that people forget are there and I wanted it to have that innocence.'' Originally from Sydney but a resident of Melbourne for the past seven years, Seltmann said she was looking forward to another trip to Newcastle.

``It's a great city, I played there before at the end of last year and I've been there when I was young,'' she said. ``Last year we hardly had any time to look Leg 4 around, so I hope to this time.'' New Buffalo will perform in Newcastle with support from Holly Throsby .

New Buffalo will feature Rae Howell on vibraphone and trumpet and John Lee on samples, beats and guitar.

They will perform on Friday, August 12, at the Gallipoli Legion Club.

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