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Rude Boy:

Rude Boy:

Who: Kevin Bloody Wilson
Where: Cardiff Panthers
When: Thursday August 25, 2005

KEVIN Bloody Wilson would be the last parent on earth you would think could offer practical parenting tips.

But the former sparky and music teacher from Western Australia reckons his children haven't fallen far from the apple tree when it comes to measuring life success and happiness.

Daughter Tammy is the successful country music performer T.J. Dennis.

T.J. released three albums before following in the footsteps of her father and tackling comedy.

His son Travis, who has played guitar on 13 of his father's albums, is also a commercial pilot.

Wilson said his family had a sense of humour and that was why they had been so successful.

Wilson's multi-million-dollar career began in his hometown of bfKalgoorlie nf, with Wilson simply performing self-penned compositions for his mates in bar rooms, pool halls and pubs.

Now he entertains thousands of people around the world every year.

But you might ask why you haven't seen him on the television or radio, and there is a simple explanation for this.

It's because his 20-year career has been built on singing rude, politically incorrect and generally inappropriate songs.

Which is why Wilson's shows carry an R-rating and his opening line is something like: ``If you're easily offended, you shouldn't be here, make no mistake.'' Wilson will be on stage at Cardiff Panthers on Thursday.

Tickets cost $35.

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