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Whisht List Fits The Bill

Whisht List Fits The Bill

Who: Whisht
Where: East Maitland Bowling Club
When: Friday October 8, 2004

WHISHT is a five-piece act that prides itself on diversity.

From classic and modern rock to upbeat jazz and funk to current popular dance songs, Whisht has established itself as one of the Hunter's most popular bands.

As well as covers, Whisht performs original material.

But the band concedes its passion is in the classic rock songs that always get audiences on the dancefloor.

Pianist JAMIE and drummer GAVIN have both played in orchestras and productions of Les Miserables and Jesus Christ Superstar .

As an ensemble, Whisht has been hired to accompany singers at functions such as INSYNC's Inspiration concert at Newcastle.

Jamie has been training as a musician since the age of four.

He performed as a soloist in Starstruck and is a regular piano man at restaurants around Newcastle, including the APOLLO INTERNATIONAL HOTEL. Self-taught classical and rock guitarist and part-time vocalist ROBBIE is the force behind Whisht's original material, penning all of the band's numbers.

Gavin has been playing music since the age of six.

He is comfortable on piano, clarinet and saxophone.

Influenced by jazz, Gavin has the ability to adapt to rock, funk, dance and pop.

Bass player JAMES joined Whisht in early 2002 and has become a solid addition to the line- up.

Brassing up the band is TERRY, who plays alto, tenor and baritone saxophone.

As well as performing with Whisht, Terry has also performed in bands such as the FUNKY DO DA'S and TWO FOR FLINCHING. Catch Whisht at the EAST MAITLAND BOWLING CLUB on Friday night.

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