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Still Thrilled By Her Runaway Success

Who: Paulini
Where: Civic Theatre
When: Sunday October 24, 2004

LIKE most recording artists, PAULINI CURUENAVULI can still remember the first time she heard her debut single, Angel Eyes , on radio for the first time.

She was driving her car through the streets of Sydney when she heard her voice over the airwaves and instantly began screaming.

``The people in the car next to me were looking, going, `Is she all right'?'' Curuenavuli said.

``I kind of feel I've achieved something I've wanted for such a long time. Now that it's happened, it's real but it's not real, it's still kind of a dream to me. I can't believe it, I really can't." Curuenavuli's rise to the top certainly reads like a fairytale.

As one of the Top 12 finalists of last year's inaugural Australian Idol series, Curuenavuli became the first female contestant from the series to score a record deal.

After signing a deal with SONY MUSIC, Curuenavuli released her debut album One Determined Heart featuring a collection of covers and original tracks.

One Determined Heart fended off the BLACK EYED PEAS and JAMIE CULLUM to take the number one spot on the charts while Angel Eyes followed suit on the singles chart.

It's not surprising Curuenavuli regards auditioning for Australian Idol as one of the best decisions of her life.

``I think I'll always embrace Idol because that's where I started from. I learned a lot from that experience, so I'll never forget that,'' Curuenavuli said.

``I look at it as a stepping stone. It made me stronger and allowed me to have the fun I'm having now.'' Paulini's latest single, We Can Try , was released this month and she is on the road with HUMAN NATURE, performing at CIVIC THEATRE NEWCASTLE on Sunday, October 24.

Tickets are available from the theatre on 4929 th1799 or online at www.ticketek.com.au

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