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Barker Hits Backyard Six

Barker Hits Backyard Six

Who: Nick Barker
Where: Harrigan's
When: Wednesday December 1, 2004

NICK BARKER has returned after a four-year break between albums.

Backyard Six is the title of his latest release and was recorded with his new band featuring TONY JOHANSSEN, PAUL THOMAS and VENOM, his long-time drummer.

`I reckon the album's honest and it's another step forward for me as a songwriter and I'm really happy with the way it turned out,'' Barker said.

Although it has been a few years between albums, he has filled his time with extensive touring, taking him as far as Rio de Janeiro and Hamburg.

lw-6 Barker made a name for himself through the 1990s with NICK BARKER AND THE REPTILES, a Melbourne blues/ rock outfit, and he has since released six solo albums.

Barker will perform at HARRIGANS AT POKOLBIN on Wednesday, December 1.

Tickets are on sale at the venue. He will also play THE BEACHCOMBER HOTEL at Toukley on Thursday, December 2 with special guest BOB CORBETT.

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