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A Hint Of Hits To Come

A Hint Of Hits To Come

Who: Jodi Martin, Those Bloody McKennas
Where: Morrow Park Bowling Club
When: Thursday November 18, 2004

JODI MARTIN plans to release her new album, 15 Minutes Out to Sea , early next year.

Before she starts supporting the album with a national tour, Martin has hit the road to give fans a taste of what is to come, celebrating the release of the album's first single, You Showed Me. ``It's all about living, touring and telling people stories,'' Martin said.

15 Minutes Out to Sea is Martin's third album and she says it is her strongest work to date.

Martin teamed with producers CHRISTIAN PYLE and ROB WALSH to work on the album, encouraging her to take the next step as a singer- songwriter.

Martin said the first single, You Showed Me, was a tribute to friendship and musically inspired by BO DIDDLEY.

It features layered vocals and a range of instruments including clarinets and toy piano.

Since the 2002 release of her debut album, Water and Wood , Martin has been praised by critics across Australia and the UK and compared to ANI DI FRANCO and SUZANNE VEGA. She has toured extensively throughout Australia and Europe, supporting ARLO GUTHRIE, RICHARD THOMPSON, BRUCE COCKBURN and THE FRAMES .

Martin wrote prolifically last year and was prompted by growing demand at shows to record a live album, titled 21 Stairs, featuring her newest songs.

lw6 Catch Martin playing tunes from the new album at SALARIUM at MORROW PARK BOWLING CLUB on Thursday, November 18, with THOSE BLOODY MCKENNAS.

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