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Tables Turned On Radio Funny Men

Tables Turned On Radio Funny Men

Who: Adam Spencer, Will Anderson
What: Will and Adam: The Last Time
Where: Newcastle City Hall
When: Sunday November 14, 2004

WIL ANDERSON and ADAM SPENCER have traded laughs as hosts of TRIPLE J'S popular morning radio show almost every day for the past five years.

It's like a marriage in many ways.

Anderson and Spencer ``tied the knot'' last year in a commitment ceremony broadcast live across the nation, one of their many memorable stunts.

After announcing their departure from Triple J, Anderson and Spencer came up with a tour dubbed THE LAST TIME as a way to farewell their show and its listeners.

``The way we look at it is that over the years, we've been lucky enough to interview anyone we want on the show,'' Spencer said.

``Whenever people bump into us, they've always got these questions they want to ask us, so basically it's a chance for other people to interview us.'' The show will be staged at NEWCASTLE CITY HALL on Sunday.

"By the time we do Newcastle, there are only three shows in Sydney after that to go, so you guys are either getting us at our very, very best or when we are burnt out and hopeless shells of men,'' Spencer said.

``Either way it should be amusing to watch.'' Tickets to WIL AND ADAM: THE LAST TIME are on sale through Civic Theatre on 4929 th1977.

Spencer said he hadn't really thought about life after Triple J.

``When I first decided I was going to leave I thought, `That's pretty cool, I've got 18 months to decide what I want to do','' he said.

``But I've done nothing.

So I'm basically gonna sit around doing nothing and there will be a knock on the door in April next year saying, `Where's the money you owe us?' "I'll realise, `F..., I don't have a job'.''

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