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Nice Guitar Ash

Nice Guitar Ash

Who: Ash Grunwald
Where: Hamilton Station Hotel
When: Wednesday May 5, 2004

ASH GRUNWALD is an inimitable modern blues talent.

Rhythmic acoustic blues guitar, soulful vocals and unique songwriting saw the Melbourne- based musician pick up two honours at the 2003 AUSTRALIAN BLUES AWARDS, including Best Emerging Talent and Male Vocalist of the Year.

After delivering a stellar performance at last month's EAST COAST BLUES AND ROOTS FESTIVAL, Grunwald looks primed to become one of the nation's hottest young blues artists.

Drawn to the blues of MUDDY WATERS, ROBERT JOHNSON and HOWLIN WOLF in his youth, Grunwald has embraced the form and style of early blues musicians along with his own African heritage.

``I like to try and take what's good about the early delta blues, which to me is its soulfulness, and combine it with what's cool about modern music like some of the grooves in a lot of rap and roots stuff to make new music that's fresh and relevant,'' he said. ``It's something I've been searching for the past five or six years. It's a combination of the elements I love.

Grunwald recently released his second album, I Don't Believe, following the success of his debut solo album, Introducing. ``The way I recorded the album was similar to how delta bluesmen like ROBERT JOHNSON and SON HOUSE would have recorded. I just sat down and did the songs and we rolled the tape.'' Grunwald will be at HAMILTON STATION HOTEL tonight from 9pm.

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