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Comedian Stands Up For Herself

Comedian Stands Up For Herself

Who: Terri Psiakis, Anthony Menchetti, Michael Chamberlin, Tom Gleeson
Where: Newcastle City Hall
When: Friday June 11, 2004

WHEN TERRI PSIAKIS began feeling bored by her university studies she decided to take up a hobby on the side to keep herself sane.

Four years later, Psiakis has become one of Australia's most in-demand stand-up comedians.

The 26-year-old comic is on the road for her third run with the MELBOURNE COMEDY FESTIVAL ROADSHOW. ``The very first time I did stand-up was in high school at some crappy school concert thing where I cracked a few jokes about the tuck shop,'' Psiakis said.

``I didn't pursue it properly until I did a university degree and I thought I needed to do something outside of uni to stop myself from going crazy.'' Psiakis enjoyed it so much that she began performing professionally in comedy houses, eventually appearing at some of the country's biggest comedy festivals and writing for ROVE LIVE, TRIPLE J and SKITHOUSE. She first appeared at the MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL COMEDY FESTIVAL in 2000 and has toured with the Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow for the past three years.

Psiakis said she regarded the Melbourne Comedy Roadshow as one of the best gigs in Australia because it gave her the chance to travel across the country and deliver some of her most rewarding shows.

``As a comedian, it's a really sought after gig and the shows are always fantastic.

``You take it for granted living in a major city where you can go and see whatever you want any night of the week because when the Roadshow takes you to somewhere like Port Hedland, which is a tiny place, the audience love it.

``It's one of those really rewarding things where it's good to be able to travel around as a performer and see the country because people are so grateful to have you there.'' The Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow will appear at NEWCASTLE CITY HALL from June 11 to 13 featuring Psiakis, ANTHONY MENCHETTI, MICHAEL CHAMBERLIN, TOM GLEESON and more.

Bookings can be made by phoning TICKETEK on 4929 1977.

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