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Ghost Nightmare Over

Ghost Nightmare Over

Who: Give Up The Ghost, I Killed The Prom Queen
Where: Hunter on Hunter
When: Saturday January 10, 2004

US hardcore outfit GIVE UP THE GHOST formerly known as AMERICAN NIGHTMARE will perform in Newcastle during its first Australian tour.

Hailing from Boston, the five piece was forced to change their former name because another band had already trademarked American Nightmare.

A series of legal issues followed and the band adopted the new moniker Give Up the Ghost.

Since the release of its demo in 2000, Give Up the Ghost has toured the US and Europe, supporting the likes of HATEBREED, THE HOPE CONSPIRACY and POISON THE WELL.

In late 2003 the band emerged from the studio to release its second album We're Down Til We're Underground , which was self produced along with JIM SIEGEL .

``We were really comfortable with him and he's a great engineer and we said we're not going to worry about finding a big name producer to do this record,'' TIM COSSAR said.

``We believe enough in our songs and ourselves and we have the ideas we want to do, so let's do it ourselves.

'' Cossar said the album was evidence of the band's musical evolution.

``This is just our natural progression into doing all types of music and incorporating it into what we call hardcore in the 2003.

''``We don't want to write the same record over again as a band we always want to be doing new stuff that was pretty much our whole idea behind the record.

'' Give Up the Ghost will play at the HUNTER ON HUNTER on Saturday night with I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN.

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