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Metal Lovers' Heaven

Metal Lovers' Heaven

Who: Anxiety Whispers, Tacota, New Project, Conation, Akuma
What: Heavenly Noise Tour
Where: Hunter on Hunter
When: Saturday January 17, 2004

THREE of Sydney's top metal acts will present a huge show in Newcastle this weekend during the HEAVENLY NOISE tour series.

The showcase kicked off in Sydney at the ANNANDALE HOTEL and will appear at the HUNTER ON HUNTER on Saturday night.

Sydney acts ANXIETY WHISPERS, TOCATA and NEW PROJECT will share the stage with local outfits CONATION and AKUMA , providing a must-see bill for metal and hardcore fans.

Organisers said there are plans for the two Newcastle acts to play with the Heavenly Noise series in Sydney later this year.

Anxiety Whispers should be one of the main attractions at the show after celebrating its most successful year to date in 2003.

Formed in late 2000, the band came together after its members met at Sydney industrial nightclub HELLRAZOR.

The band embarked on a tour of Central West NSW, covering areas as far and wide as Bathurst and Orange and later releasing its debut self- titled EP.

In 2003 the band performed a number of big shows, sharing the stage with metal- electronic outfit JERK on numerous occasions.

The band will follow up its debut album Astigmatism with the new album Toy Box this year.

Entry to Saturday night's gig is $5.

Doors open at 8.30pm

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