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Bridie Builds Strong Music Record

Bridie Builds Strong Music Record

Who: David Bridie
Where: Morrow Park Bowling Club
When: Saturday December 11, 2004

DAVID BRIDIE has enjoyed a distinguished career as musician, producer, songwriter and composer.

As lead vocalist, keyboard player, co- composer and co- producer of critically acclaimed band NOT DROWNING WAVING, Bridie built a solid reputation through the six albums and two soundtracks the band released during its career.

With MY FRIEND THE CHOCOLATE CAKE, Bridie has continued to make music that appeals to a broad audience in various countries. Their fourth studio album, Curious, is one of their most successful.

Bridie has also produced albums for artists such as CHRISTINE ANU, ARCHIE ROACH, MONIQUE BRUMBY and Papua New Guinea artist GEORGE TELEK. His solo career began with the album Act of Free Choice four years ago, which was nominated for Album of the Year at the 2000 ARIA awards.

The album was released in the UK and the US, with a supporting tour in major centres in the US and Canada in support of the release .

Last year Bridie released his follow-up solo album titled Hotel Radio .

It received critical and commercial acclaim and earned him a nomination for Best Adult Contemporary Album at the ARIA awards.

Bridie recently won his sixth ARIA for Best Original Soundtrack/ Cast/Show recording for his album Nautical Forlorn .

The album features a selection of work that Bridie recorded for various film and television projects such as The Man Who Sued God and My Brother Jack .

Bridie is taking to the road with long-time friend Telek.

Telek will appear with Bridie at SALARIUM SPACE at MORROW PARK BOWLING CLUB on Saturday, December 11.

Tickets are available at Beaumont Street Beat and Salarium.

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