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Conway Does It Her Way

Conway Does It Her Way

Who: Deborah Conway
Where: Morrow Park Bowling Club
When: Wednesday August 25, 2004

IF her past run of shows is anything to go by, DEBORAH CONWAY is sure to be overwhelmed by the size of her audience when she performs at SALARIUM SPACE tonight.

In the lead up to releasing her latest album Summertown , Conway took an off-beat approach to promoting her record.

The ARIA award-winning musician performed to small groups of people who went online and bought 25 copies of the album and requested a performance.

Her quirky approach to promotion followed a lack of support for her music over the past eight years.

Conway says the push has been successful and has seen her perform at school parents' nights and for companies such as Sportsgirl and Sussan.

``It's such foreign territory,'' Conway said.

``The first few felt awkward for everybody and we didn't know how to make it better but since then, we've had singalongs with everyone sitting on the floor real '60s-style moments.'' It is quite a change for the Melbourne-based muso who achieved fame in the 1980s with pop band DO RE MI before she opted for a solo career that saw the release of the albums Bitch Epic, Exquisite Stereo and My Third Husband. As a fiercely determined independent artist, Conway has taken every opportunity to have her music heard and says she considers the internet a valuable tool.

Summertown was released in stores this month and was also available at her website.

The album was recorded with her partner WILLY ZYGIER and included collaborations with TONI COLLETTE, PAUL KELLY and MICHAEL BARKER from JOHN BUTLER TRIO. Conway said they decided to try to evoke the spirit of musicians such as SIMON AND GARFUNKLE and CAROLE KING. Conway will play Salarium Space at MORROW PARK BOWLING CLUB tonight. Tickets cost $20 and bookings can be made on 4961 th5191.

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