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Fun Regurgitated

Fun Regurgitated

Who: Stevie Starr
Where: Sydney Junction Hotel
When: Thursday August 26, 2004

GROWING up in a Glasgow orphanage, STEVIE STARR devised a plan to protect his pocket money from the other children.

While most kids would hide theirs in a drawer, Starr had a different idea he swallowed it.

``I started swallowing my pocket money to keep it from the other kids and I would always have fun with the teachers at school,'' Starr said.

``I would swallow their chalk and when the teacher came to class she would look straight at me and say, `Stevie, where's my chalk?' ``I'd just grin and politely ask which colour she would like first.'' A childhood prank has turned into a successful career for Starr who tours the globe 50 weeks of the year swallowing and regurgitating objects.

From goldfish to billiard balls to lightbulbs, there are few objects that haven't passed through Starr's mouth.

Among the stunts he performs is swallowing a man's ring followed by a locked padlock and the key, then returning them with the ring locked inside the padlock.

Starr will headline the A-LIST COMEDY CLUB at SYDNEY JUNCTION HOTEL tomorrow night with special guest CHRIS WAINHOUSE. Dinner and show tickets cost $20, or $15 for the show only.

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