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Star Girls Give The World An Added Groove

Star Girls Give The World An Added Groove

Who: The Star Girls
Where: Maitland City Bowling Club
When: Tuesday September 30, 2003

THEY sing and they dance, but THE STAR GIRLS aren't your average pop group.

The Star Girls comprise four characters who deliver pop music with a positive message for young fans.

The colourful quartet will perform at MAITLAND CITY BOWLING CLUB on September 30.

Formed in 2001, The Star Girls have built a strong fan base with youngsters around the country.

Their target audience is aged between two and 12 and their aim is to combine pop music with educational values, offering a cross between BRITNEY SPEARS and THE WIGGLES .

The Star Girls come from Planet Groove and feature CHEEKY STAR, DREAM STAR, SMILEY STAR and ANGEL STAR.

``Planet Groove is right behind the moon,'' Cheeky Star said.

``It's pretty similar to Earth but there are certain differences.

For instance, there are fewer inhabitants and the colours are much more intense.

``We get around in Rocket Buggies and travel through the galaxy in our Star Ship.

``Planet Groove is definitely a beautiful and fun planet, but then again, so is Earth!'' Each character promotes friendship and self-esteem as well as educational values.

The group made history when it became the first children's pop act to sign to ZOMBA RECORDS , the world's largest independent record label, which is also home to Britney Spears and N*SYNC .

``It's pretty exciting to be signed to the same label as those groups,'' Cheeky said.

The group was signed to Zomba after managing director PAUL PAOLIELLO played a CD of their songs to his then three-year-old daughter, Tehya.

``She played it and played it and I took it to her kindergarten class one morning and all the kids were jumping and dancing to it,'' Paoliello said.

``Anybody can grab a whole bunch of model-looking girls and throw them together but this is very much about characters.

``Cheeky Star has a real body size, and that's what it comes down to.

``She is cheeky, and in the live show the kids take to her in a big way.

'' The Star Girls released the debut album The Star Girls From Planet Groove in April 2002.

It received three ARIA award nominations for best children's album, best single and best music video.

lw-4 The video for the single Girls Like Me was also a big hit and remained in the VIDEO HITS Top 10 chart for a record 16 weeks.

The Star Girls have performed more than 1000 shows across the country and appeared on programs such as Good Morning Australia, Disney, Nickelodeon and Sunrise.

Cheeky Star believes the reason for the The Star Girls popularity is because they make children feel good about themselves.

``Kids grow up and might be overweight, or small or really tall, and they have a lot of issues,'' she said.

``As adults we forget, but kids get bullied and have problems.

We spend a lot of time talking to them at shows and picking out special kids to help give them co idence.

'' ``We want to get the message out to kids that everybody is different and that they should dream and believe in themselves.

'' As well as recording and touring, The Star Girls are also involved in charity work for THE STARLIGHT FOUNDATION and RONALD McDONALD HOUSE .

When The Star Girls arrive at Maitland City Bowling Club next week, children will have the chance to enter a colouring competition and win a karaoke machine.

and a series of other great prizes.

To enter, print out an entry form from www.thestargirls.com, colour in the picture and bring the entry to the show.

for the chance to win.

The show starts at 10.30am and tickets are $8.80 from the club.

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