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Anthem a Test of Skill

Anthem a Test of Skill

Who: DJ John Ferris, DJs Patsan, DJ DEXI
Where: Gateway Hotel
When: Saturday September 13, 2003

SYDNEY based DJ JOHN FERRIS has been involved in the production of several compilation albums over the years.

But when it came to creating his latest mix album Hard NRG Anthems with DJ JASON MIDRO , he found that the formula of selecting tracks and mixing them up was more difficult than usual.

The album features trance anthems from the past decade and since many of the tracks were recorded with speed changes, Ferris found it quite a task trying to mix them together.

``It was probably the most difficult album I have done,'' Ferris said.

``I did some seriously bad mixing because a lot of the older tracks deliberately didn't stay in time and you don't notice it unless you're mixing it.

``I made a lot of mistakes and I had to keep re-doing it.

'' Ferris estimated that he spends four weeks working on an album but said that it took at least three months to complete Hard NRG Anthems.

Not surprisingly, Ferris was more than happy when the album was sent away for pressing.

``It took a few months to get together from the process of choosing the songs to mixing and editing it.

``By the time I had finished, I felt that I had spent that much time on it that I had forced myself to just try and forget all about it.

'' The album's release will be supported by a national tour kicking off in Melbourne on Friday, followed by the GATEWAY HOTEL on Saturday night.

Ferris said punters can expect a to hear variety of new releases as well as older tunes.

``I'm open to anything, I'll just mix it up and play some new stuff and a few of the classics as well.

'' The launch kicks off at 10pm and will also feature DJs PATSAN and DEXI .

Tickets are $15 from the Gateway Hotel and PDMS or $20 on the door.

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