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Tunes For Groove

Tunes For Groove

Who: Sativa

SATIVA is set to tour Australia in late October promoting the REIGN DANCE label's first dance release.

Sativa features two big names on the Tokyo progressive circuit, STEVE GOOD (aka DOUBLE DRAGON ) and STEVE BAD (aka DJ BIG CHEESE) .

Both artists regularly appear as feature DJ's at the massive STARGATE parties.

With an emphasis on deep, funky progressive grooves and massive sound scapes they have come up with a couple of monsters that will move your body and your mind.

STEVE MCLEAN, aka DJ Big Cheese, started DJ-ing four years ago.

After visiting the club scene in London, listening primarily to techno, he returned to Japan and was introduced to the trance scene, where he immediately had the urge to DJ.

He started playing in small clubs in Roppongi, the famous night district of Tokyo.

, but his job would not allow him enough time to DJ seriously.

McLean consistently plays his brand of progressive dance music at the premium parties throughout Japan.

McLean is also a resident StargateDJ.

Debuting on London's Phantasm Records with the Shudder / Crunch EP in 1999, STEVE GOOD went on to release the first Double Dragon album, Continuum in 2000 to rave reviews.

This has been followed by various 12" and compilation tracks on cutting-edge labels such as SPIRAL TRAX INTERNATIONAL, SPIRIT ZONE and PSYCHIC DELI , his 2nd album, Transparent was released in October, 2002 through Germany's PLUSQUAM RECORDS .

Double Dragon has cemented his reputation as a futuristic trance producer and his powerful live act, fusing psychedelic sound scapes and phat progressive grooves has made him a sought after name around the globe.

Lookout for their upcoming debut vinyl release, coming soon on Reign Dance Records.

For bookings contact Andrew McAllister at Big Apachee on 0416 049 929.

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