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Reminiscent River

Reminiscent River

Who: Birtles Shorrock Goble
Where: Civic Theatre
When: Thursday November 6, 2003

FRESH from a new live recording, the voices of the original LITTLE RIVER BAND are set to captivate Newcastle fans next month.

Seminal Oz rock figures GLENN SHORROCK, BEEB BIRTLES and GRAEHAM GOBLE have been on the road since late last year.

Touring as BIRTLES SHORROCK GOBLE , or BSG , they recorded a new DVD/CD, a Full Circle, live from two sell- out performances in Melbourne in July.

Their new DVD/album includes the much-loved classics Curiosity Killed The Cat, It's A Long Way There, Help Is On Its Way, Happy Anniversary, Home On Monday, Reminiscing, Lady, Take It Easy On Me, The Night Owls, Cool Change, The Other Guy, Everyday Of My L e, Man On Your Mind, Lonesome Loser and reintroduces forgotten greats such as Seine City, Mistress of Mine and a I'll Always Call Your Name a .

With 19 album releases since its first in 1975, Little River Band was the only act in the world to claim a top 10 American single every year between 1978 and 1982, and was a pioneer of the Australian music scene in the US.

From a late 1976 top 30 placing It's A Long Way There , Little River Band made the US top 20 and usually top 10 their home.

The hits flowed thick 16 of them by 1985.

Album performance was just as impressive, beginning with an Ame rican Gold Award for their third LP, Diamantina Cocktail in January 1978, the first US gold LP earned by an Australian- based entity.

This landmark was consolidated with a rush of gold and platinum plaques (both Sleeper Catcher and First Under The Wire were cert ied platinum).

In Canada it was just as intense, with the group managing the extraordinary achievement of three simultaneous top 10 albums in 1979.

Behind those disc achievements was a solid commitment to their audience: one which took them out on the American and international concert trail at least twice a year during the late 1970s and early 80s.

Polished, full-bodied, sincere performances from Seattle to Stockholm to Sydney generated an enormously loyal following.

In the early 90s, the song Forever Blue , from the band's 1986 No Reins album, became a number one single in Holland after a group of DJs played it repeatedly.

Glenn Shorrock originally made his name with 60s group THE TWILIGHTS, before going on to become lead singer of AXIOM, spawning the hit A Little Ray of Sunshine .

With Axiom, Shorrock performed across packed entertainment centres last September and again in February at the nationally toured stage extravaganza, LONG WAY TO THE TOP.

Managed by former MASTER'S APPRENTICE GLENN WHEATLEY , Little River Band sold more than 20 million albums internationally.

Shorrock, Goble and Birtles reunited for Australian performances in 2002, their startling harmonic blend just as arresting and seductive as before.

BSG will perform at Newcastle's CIVIC THEATRE on Thursday November 6.

Phone 4929 th1977 for bookings.

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