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Back With a New Sound

Back With a New Sound

Who: Karma County
Where: Salar Couch Cafe
When: Friday November 7, 2003

AFTER an 18-month stint off the live circuit, KARMA COUNTY is set to return with an east coast tour and new single.

The trio's time hasn't been wasted, though, with members BRENDAN GALLAGHER, STUART EADIE and MICHAEL GALEAZZI all working on side projects.

One of those projects included a solo album by Gallagher which evolved into the forthcoming album from Karma County.

``I started doing a solo record but the the boys wanted to do an EP,'' Gallagher said.

``I was also doing work with another group and I decided that it would be a bit much I did that record as well as an EP with Karma County and a solo album.

'' The solution was to take his work to the other members of Karma County who were both eager to use it for the basis of a new album.

The album was recorded at Byron Bay's STUDIOS 301 and Gallagher said it sounds quite d ferent from the band's last album Happy Birthday Dear Customer .

``The last album was a real smorgasbord of styles whereas this one is very straight ahead, simple and strong.

'' Gallagher said the album has 14 tracks and he expects to see its release by early 2004.

Karma Country kicked off its East Coast tour in Victoria last week and will arrive at SALARIUM COUCH BAR on Friday night.

Although the band has been absent from the live scene for quite some time, Gallagher said the break was a welcome one.

``It was good to have a break because we've been playing and touring for about eight years.

We needed to re-charge the batteries.

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