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Pushing For Hip-Hop

Pushing For Hip-Hop

Who: MC Trey
Where: Mercury Hotel (Heat)
When: Friday November 28, 2003

AUSTRALIAN hip-hop continues to expand each year.

In recent years, artists such as MC TREY, MAYA JUPITER and 1200 TECHNIQUES have all helped to push the Australian hip-hop scene to the next level.

Sydney-based DJ NICK TOTH has been a part of the ever-growing hip-hop scene since he moved to Australia from his native Austria seven years ago.

He has played at almost every nightclub in Sydney and recently branched out into recording with the release of a new mix album that pays homage to hip-hop culture.

Titled Battle of the Year , the compilation is the first of its kind in Australia and is released in conjunction with the international battle of the year competition, which has been running for 13 years.

``It is the first compilation for Battle of the Year done in Australia and its a combination of classic b-boy tracks from the 80s, new tracks from around the world and tracks from Australia,'' Toth said.

The album includes tracks by ROCK STEADY CREW, DEF CUT and ERIC B & RAKIM .

Toth, who has been disc jockeying for 15 years, is on a national tour to support the release and will launch the album at the MERCURY HOTEL on Friday night.

``I won't only play tracks from the album on this tour.

It will be related tracks for the breakdancers, for the b-boys up tempo tracks,'' he said.

`We'll see how the vibe is on the night too but I hope everyone will come along, show their moves and have some fun.

'' Toth said he believes that Australia's emerging hip hop scene is thanks to the genre's versatility.

``if you look in the mainstream hip hop today, it incorporates Indian music, Jamaican music and Middle Eastern music.

``So that's why hip hop is still around and always will be because its constantly evolving and inventing itself.


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