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Feeder - Comfort In Sound

Feeder - Comfort In Sound

Who: Feeder

Smashing Pumpkins mashed with Radiohead. That's probably the most accurate description of

UK act Feeder, a duo which has just released its forth album Comfort In Sound. Judging by the title, that is exactly what the band has sought following the death of drummer Jon Lee who committed suicide in January 2002. But rather than call it quits, remaining members Grant Nicholas and Taka Hirose decided to carry on and not throw away the promise that the band has already shown. The new album is an inspiring and eclectic 12 track EP that moves between atmospheric guitars to big, anthemic rock songs. Nicholas and Taka have managed to avoid making an arrant tribute to their lost bandmate, instead subtly weaving the issue throughout certain tracks. Just The Way I'm Feeling sings "Torn in two/You close your eyes for someplace new". The album moves between harder rock numbers on Godzilla and Helium, but the majority of the album is kept on a mild level. The album is speckled with sounds inspired by The Smashing Pumpkins' Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness on tracks such as Quick Fade, Love Pollution and Moonshine. The standout is Summer's Gone, delivering a big chorus that sounds like it came directly from an early Radiohead session. Rating- 3 1/2

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