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They Told Us That You Can't Always Get What You Want

They Told Us That You Can't Always Get What You Want

Who: The Rolling Stones
Where: Sydney Superdome
When: Saturday February 22, 2003

But when The Rolling Stones rocked into the Sydney Superdome last Saturday, 17,000 fans got everything they wanted and more. Performing in front of a sell out crowd, at least three generations of fans were prepared to experience two of the most memorable hours of their lives. The band kicked in with the unmistakable Street Fighting Man, taking things back to the 60s and sounding as fresh as it did all those years ago. Mick Jagger was as iconic as imagined, delighting fans with his staple erratic dance moves and not nearly looking as old as his 59 years. Strutting up and down the stage, his energy added to the unreal excitement of the show along with the help of Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Ronnie Wood and the nine other musicians and singers on stage. The unbeatable set list was right across the board, making it near impossible to select a stand out performance. Highlights included Sweet Virginia, You Can't Always Get What You Want, Brown Sugar, Gimme Shelter and a fantastic extended version of Satisfaction. When it came time for Sympathy For The Devil, a huge backdrop lit up the stage bearing the band's famous tongue symbol in flames. The entire crowd was given the chance to see the band in good view as they moved down the catwalk to a smaller stage at the other end of the stadium. The hits continued with It's Only Rock'n'Roll and they had the entire crowd singing along to Bob Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone. The encore may have been a little predictable but it could not have been any better as the band delivered a powerhouse version of Jumping Jack Flash. They were billed as the greatest rock'n'roll band in world during a 1969 concert in the US and 34 years later they still proved to be just that.

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