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Uplifting? Pretty Much

Uplifting? Pretty Much

Who: DJ Jay
Where: Gateway Hotel
When: Thursday July 10, 2003

HE has been a part of the dance music scene for more than a decade and has performed as far and wide as Moscow and Spain.

But San Francisco-based DJ  JAY J rates a small gig in Canberra during his first Australian tour in 2002 as one of his best.

``Ironically, my gig in Canberra last year was one of my most enjoyable gigs in a long time,'' Jay J said.

``It was a small venue and it was just like a house party with just stacks of people just going for it and having a great time.

``Sometimes the real small venues get packed and I think that's what I prefer because that creates a different energy that's just unparalleled.

'' Jay J is on a five-date tour of Australia and will perform his only regional show at Newcastle's  GATEWAY HOTEL  tomorrow night.

``I've always played just straight ahead uplifting, soulful house music stuff that people smile and dance to,'' he said.

``That's pretty much what I've always done and that's what I'll do on this tour.

'' It is also rumoured that there will be an appearance from vocalist  LATRICE BARNETT  who provides vocals on many of Jay J's tracks.

He began DJing in the late '80s and was playing in clubs by 1992.

"I began DJing because of my love of music,'' he said.

"I've always just loved good, soulful house music and I think it really comes across.

'' His soulful brand of house has established him as a leader in his field and he hosts a monthly residency in San Francisco with DJ MIGUEL MIGS.

Jay J has received a Grammy nomination for his remix of  JILL SCOTT 's ifHe Loves Me and in 1998 he set up the renowned  MOULTON STUDIOS Jay J's latest mix album ifIn The House is out now.

Pre-sale tickets are $15 from the Gateway Hotel or PDMS or $20 on the door.

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