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Who: Stereophonics

You Gotta Go There To Come Back FMR WHEN STEREOPHONICS frontman KELLY JONES described the UK band's fourth album ifYou Gotta Go There To Come Back as ``glam rock,'' he wasn't wrong.

The trio's penchant for a raw chunk of '70s rock shines through like a glittery spandex jumpsuit on their new album and through their trendy new haircuts.

While the band's last album ifJust Enough Education To Perform was a majority offering of mellow tunes, the new album is far from it.

Jones' vocals are in top form as he growls over each track with a sleazy rawness and the album is chock full of riffs, riffs and more riffs.

But the only remnants of the former Stereophonics sounds can be found on the tracks ifHelp Me, Madame Helga and ifHigh As The Ceiling.

The album opens with the rocking ifHelp Me (She's Out Of Her Mind), but sadly outstays its welcome by clocking in at a lengthy seven minutes.

lw-1But the band makes up for it on the blues-laden ifI Miss You Now and the Brit-pop of ifYou Stole My Money, Honey.

Although the band attempts to cross into new territory on occasions, the truth is that it would have been better off sticking to its original style.

But sadly, Stereophonics seem to have jumped on the band wagon of gritty rock.

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