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Trio in 'Hardcore' Cabaret Act

Trio in 'Hardcore' Cabaret Act

Who: Paul McDermott
What: GUD
Where: Civic Theatre

IT was PAUL MCDERMOTT's first romp back into Newcastle in more than a decade when he brought his award- winning show GUD to CIVIC THEATRE NEWCASTLE.

McDermott was last in town in 1991 with his comedy trio the DOUG ANTHONY ALL STARS, so his fans made sure a full house filled the theatre for his return.

Once again, McDermott returned with a musical trio and arrived on stage with THE GADFLYS' guitarist MICK MORIARTY and keyboardist CAMERON BRUCE in tow.

Those familiar with McDermott's work knew that no one was safe.

After experiencing some difficulties with the sound, the trio arrived on stage and had the audience in stitches within seconds.

Dressed in a suit, frilled shirt and red cummerbund, McDermott looked the perfect picture of ``hardcore cabaret.

'' And the songs also matched the description to a tee.

An opening number was dedicated to the Queen of Home Shopping, MOIRA from GOOD MORNING AUSTRALIA.

Others sang about women whose jeans are too tight and men who dress in women's clothing.

One unsuspecting audience member was exposed as a closet cross-dresser and dragged on stage to be serenaded by McDermott.

Audience participation was aplenty but often not deliberately initiated.

At one point, McDermott tackled a punter as she crept out of the theatre and then he took to the stage and warned ``No one f...ing leaves!'' Although the trio was often distracted with chit- chat, the show ended on a high note as they poked shameless fun at everyone from MICHAEL JACKSON to SADDAM HUSSEIN.

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