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Electronic Music With Some Style

Electronic Music With Some Style

Who: Entropic, Yuki, Came In April
Where: Morrow Park Bowling Club
When: Wednesday July 23, 2003

BECAUSE electronic music is based around the use of samplers, synthesisers and computers, it is often accused of not really being music.

But Sydney act  ENTROPIC  has proved critics wrong by creating live electronica without the use of any electronics.

Instead, the band uses double bass, guitar, drums and keyboards to twist sounds and mimic digitally produced electronic music.

``All the actual styles are governed by the electrical equipment but the overall feel is acoustic and performed in a live and immediate sense,'' percussionist  ROBBIE MUDRAZIJA  said.

``We are moving away from the totally electronic sound so the material comes across with a real vibe.

'' Entropic was formed in 2000 at an impromptu gig and the band continues to add an element of improvisation in its live show.

``The shows are heavily improvised, but we have a basic framework that we use within each song and build it up from the audience's reaction.

``There are sets that will go into an ambient soundscape type of performance with a minimalist edge.

``Or we will go the other direction into a high-energy dance and groove-based show.

'' Entropic has released two albums titled ifBraille and ifRendezvous.

 Catch Entropic at  SALARIUM at MORROW PARK BOWLING CLUB on July 23 with  YUKI and  CAME IN APRIL .

Entry is free.

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