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This is one Righteous Babe

This is one Righteous Babe

Who: Ani DeFranco
Where: State Theatre
When: Saturday February 21, 2004

ONE of America's most inspirational and prol ic singer songwriters, ANI D RANCO , will tour Australia in February and March 2004.

She is well known for her forthright, pull-no-punches lyrical style and laid-back jazz rhythms.

Last seen in Oz supporting BOB DYLAN, her new tour here is set to thrill audiences with songs from the past and the present.

Based in New York, D ranco has earned a solid reputation as one of the heroines of co essional singer-songwriting.

Her music-making career has been phenomenal.

With a strong independent ethos she built up a grass-roots following by word of mouth, selling her own demos and eventually starting up her own steadfastly independent record label, Righteous Babe .

She has released 16 albums on the Righteous Babe label, including the masterful, Not A Pretty Girl (1995), Living in Clip (1997), Little Plastic Castle (1998) and Evolve (2003), each of which garnered rave reviews from both the underground and mainstream media.

January 2004 will see the release of Educated Guess , D ranco's new studio album which finds her again in pursuit of new musical directions.

She not only plays all the instruments and provides the lead and backing vocals, but for the first time in her career she single-handedly did all the recording and mixing, and stuffed the discs into the jewel cases as well.

A born innovator, she continues to explore a wide spectrum of sounds and ideas in her music.

Often described as a punk-folkie, her new album takes an intimate look at a world determined to change.

D ranco is an i luential musician lauded for her energetic and earthy performances of songs that tackle issues like rape, abortion and sexism with insight and compassion.

And she has that uncanny ability to break every rule and still manage to attract an extremely loyal following.

She will be appearing at Sydney's STATE THEATRE on Saturday, February 21.

Tickets can be bought from Ticketek on 9266 th4800 or at ticketek.com

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