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The Drift

The Drift

Who: The Drift, Café Racer
Where: Lass O' Gowrie
When: Friday August 29, 2003

YOU don't have to wait until October for the annual 1233 ABC NEWCASTLE MUSIC AWARDS to hear some of Newcastle's fre shest talent.

With more than 460 entries received for this year's event, there are plenty of opportunities to get along to the local pub and see the emerging talent on offer.

Two of this year's entrants, THE DRIFT and CAFE RACER , will perform at the LASS O'GOWRIE HOTEL this weekend.

The Drift came together in late 2002 and was formed around the basis of lead guitarist STEPHAN WIELAND and rhythm guitarist KATE MCLEAN .

What had originally been in tended as a few jam sessions grew into something more serious when the pair decided to extend the line up and form a band.

With the addition of drummer SIMON CARROLL and bassist REBECCA STEGH , who has since been replaced by ANTHONY DEAN , The Drift was born.

McLean said the band's focus is rock with a 1980s feel but it finds it hard to categorise itself into a single sound.

``We have been categorised as melodic rock, alternative pop or even indie,'' McLean said.

``But as the name suggests, the music is continuously changing and drops into all types of genres.

'' McLean said comparisons had likened the band to THE CURE, SONIC YOUTH and PJ HARVEY .

The band has performed at a number of venues across Newcas tle and at events such as ART EXPRESS, ELANDS and MOTHER TONGUE .

The Drift has recorded an EP which it hopes to release within the year.

Catch The Drift and Cafe Racer at the Lass O'Gowire on Friday night.

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