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Melodic Metal Set For Hunter Debut

Melodic Metal Set For Hunter Debut

Who: Genaricon, Inane Emenence, Osmium Grid, Akuma
What: Metal Fest
Where: Hunter on Hunter
When: Saturday August 23, 2003

NEWCASTLE'S newest metal act GENARICON will make its debut at METAL FEST at the HUNTER ON HUNTER this weekend.

The six-piece band, which describes its sound as ``melodic metal'', was formed three months ago and features members from a variety of bands from the local music scene.

It features vocalist DANIEL RUTIER , lead guitarist STUART JAMES , bassist ANDREW DICKINSON , guitarist TIM BASISTA and drummer KARL TAYLOR .

James said the band has begun recording its first demo at BALLISTIC STUDIOS and hopes to have it ready for a launch within the next few months.

``We have been rehearsing for the last three months and recording,'' James said.

``We've probably got about five or six tracks for the demo.

'' Genaricon will debut alongside Novocastrian metal bands INANE EMENENCE, OSMIUM GRID and AKUMA at Metal Fest on Saturday from 9pm.

The band said it hopes to do an East Coast tour soon.

with Inane Emenence in the near future.

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